Painting & Color

One of the first things we think about when decorating our homes is color. Sometimes the choice is easy, but other times it's easy to feel overwhelmed -- where on earth do you start?

Our first section in this guide contemplates how to choose color, depending on a number of factors. And don't worry cause we have plenty of practical advice on paint too!

Choosing Color and How Tos
Duck egg blue is one of
the hot color choices
for kitchens in 2012
Whether you just want a general guide on choosing color and putting together a color scheme, or you need more specific advice such as decorating around a flat screen TV or decorating with black furniture, you'll find an answer here.

Don't forget the floors in this either, as we have advice on painting wood floors and bring our kitchens up to date with the most popular paint colors of the moment to use.

Creating Shabby Chic Looks With Paint
Shabby chic - one of the
easiest makeovers around
It seems we can't get enough of shabby chic, so here are a selection of articles to teach the basics on achieving the looks you want. The best bit? There's no right or wrong way so it's perfect if you aren't confident at makeovers.

Paint Techniques
Paint techniques transform a
room with little cash needed
Paint techniques are an absolute gift to those on a tight budget as you can create such unique looks just with a few pots of paint. Learn to create a natural haven in your room with faux sky and cloud painting, or make a cheap piece of chipboard look like mahogany with a faux wood grain technique.

Make metal wall art
using old tin cans
Create Your Own Art
To add the perfect finishing touch to your decor, what better than to create your own hot art? We offer loads of suggestions on creating your own wall art (some don't even need paint), or you can get really creative and unique by creating your own wall mural stencils 21st century style.

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  1. I absolutely love this style! It comes across as so modern. I love the mixtures of colors that were used also. This looks like the perfect master bedroom!