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Enjoy these articles on saving money and getting your home more efficient and organized.

Learn some tips and
tricks on decorating
a tiny bathroom
Decorate, Customize and Save
There's a whole host of ways to both improve your home and save money, and here we kick off with some of the best. Whether you want to makeover your home for less than a thousand dollars, decorate your tiny bathroom, or learn how to save money on curtains we have some great tips for you.

Making your own paint is easy
and kind to the environment
Make Your Own Products
There's lots of fun to be had as well as money to be saved by making certain products at home. Storage solutions are always something every house is looking for, and did you know that making your own Roman Shades is one of the easiest things to make as well as being light on fabric requirements? I've also shared an article here on making your own milk paint - it's a really green way to decorate too as it's totally eco-friendly!

  • DIY Storage Solutions for the Home
  • Make Your Own Roman Shades - Save some cash and make your own blinds - the fabric is minimal which saves your pocketbook too.
  • Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Milk Paint

  • Clean upholstery
    with products in
    the kitchen cupboard
    Get Practical and Organized
    It's amazing how much can be saved if we get ourselves and organized and do a certain amount of work ourselves. Obviously there will always be times when you need to call in a professional, but there are easy things you can do around the home such as learn how to bleed radiators and get your house ready for winter. Don't shell out for a signal booster if your WiFi router is underperforming when a piece of foil could do the job for you. And save money at the store by just using natural products instead of specialist cleaning solutions. Loads of tips here.

  • Your Guide on How to Winterize a House
  • DIY WiFi Signal Booster System
  • Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Upholstery - Uses only natural products you have in the kitchen cupboard; efficient and a money saver!

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