These articles don't quite fit into a convenient category so I've labelled them "Interesting" - I don't want you to miss them as they contain some really unique decorating ideas, tips and projects!

DIY Chandelier
Feeling Crafty?
One of my personal favorite areas of decorating as you can create such amazing and unique effects for minimal outlay, or even just from items you already have. Make a chandelier from what you have in your kitchen cupboard, raid nature to create some interesting pieces with branches and twigs, or go freestyle with some wall art. Give just one of these projects a go and you won't be sorry.

Useful - Be a Practical Diva
A cool option for
decorating around a TV
Even Divas have their practical moments; after creating a home full of luscious decor you don't want the inconvenience of a low WiFi signal or spill on the carpet ruin your look after all. We also tackle the best way to decorate around a TV and guide you in the best way to makeover your home for less than a thousand dollars - it can be done!

Even this unit can be
made-over Diva-style
Furniture Makeovers
There are simply loads of ways of giving a tired, old piece of furniture a new lease of life and I've rounded up the best ones for you here. Create some fabulous shabby chic pieces, learn a new skill in applying gold leaf, or why not make your own eco friendly milk paint.

You can use wire shelving
in every room of the
house - find out how
Give It a Go!
If you still haven't found a project that catches your eye then how about these ideas. Painting a mural on your garage door can add a really individual look to your home's exterior, and our guide to decorating with wire shelving will show you that they aren't just good to use in the garage. Have fun!

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