Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Inexpensive Ideas for Spring Table Decorations & Centerpieces

Spring Colors 
Of course spring table centerpieces need to give you a feeling of spring and the great outdoors, and the ideas offered here will certainly set you in the right direction. But we should always keep in mind the theme of spring, and the use of appropriate colors for spring table decorations. Centerpieces benefit from including at least two of the following:
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green of any shade
  • Cornflower blue
  • White
If you are decorating your table toward the end of spring, gearing up for summer, then you can start to introduce orange too, to bring a sense of the warmth to come.

Springtime Garden Centerpiece
There are many elements of the garden in spring that make terrific additions to a spring table centerpiece.

If you aren't lucky enough to have a wealth of flowers to pick from your garden, and the budget just won't stretch to store-bought flowers, you can always try making your own paper flowers. Tissue paper flowers are an easy make, even for children, or you could make smaller more detailed flowers, by combining punched out circles or stars of card, and arranging them around a larger circle before gluing into place. Then from underneath, pinch the center and begin to manipulate your shapes, or "petals" into shape.

You don't even need to add a wire stem if you don't wish to, just push them into the spaces of your floral arrangement.

All these floral additions look particularly good in spring, if you don't keep the look too rigid or formal. Create a comfortable and warm feel by opting for containers with a difference, rather than the usual vases. Teapots are particularly great used this way; you can use chipped and cracked ones, or old ones from junk stores that you can paint up. Cups and saucers, and bottles are also winning containers for spring table decor.

There are many other elements from the outdoors you can use in your inexpensive spring centerpiece too. Ornaments such as lambs, rabbits and birds can easily be incorporated into your centerpiece - in fact bird themed table decor is a hot decorating trend at the moment. Put the centerpiece onto a green felt square, or decorate with twigs around the bottom of the container and your animals have an ideal home on the table.

Easter Centerpieces
With your main spring table decoration in place, why not alter the centerpiece for the Easter holiday. A shallow dish from the kitchen with piles of painted eggs, is a simple idea that would create an inexpensive spring table decoration with ease. If you have more time, then decorate the eggs more fully with whatever pattern you like, in the appropriate spring colors.

You could also round up some egg cups to display them on, and use your paper flowers from before, to fill in the gaps between each cup. Or vice versa, with your centerpiece placed on the large dish, and the eggs arranged carefully around the outside.

As Easter is obviously a religious holiday, you could incorporate crosses into the design, made from thick dried grass from your garden, or you could even use washed popsicle sticks.

Tabletop Tips 
If all of the above inexpensive ideas for spring table centerpieces still leave you with some unanswered questions, then the following tips should be all you need to complete your centerpiece in just the right way.
  • Think of the tablecloth as the frame for your centerpiece. Does it set it off in just the right way? Experiment with different spring colors, but yellow and purple will always look great.
  • Tie a ribbon or two around the centerpiece, or even around the actual flowers - use a patterned ribbon like gingham to add a different touch.
  • If you're having trouble getting your flowers to stay in place, then add a piece of chicken wire mesh over the top of the container, and you can push the flowers through.
  • Why not make several smaller decorations in place of one large centerpiece, and group them together in the center of the table - odd numbers always work best.  
The important thing when creating spring table decorations and centerpieces is to focus on an informal look, with appropriate spring colors, and just go with whatever takes your fancy.

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