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How to Add Some Pizzazz by Decorating Canopy Bed Curtains

If you are lucky enough to have existing canopy bed curtains and you just want to give them a new lease of life, or maybe you've just made some canopy curtains but want to decorate them to be more in keeping with your room, then there are lots of different ways this can be achieved. Various ways are detailed here to cater to the novice with a glue-gun to a more experienced sewer.

Adding applique and trim adds a new look instantly

Add Appliqué, Ribbons & Gems
This idea for a canopy bed decoration works especially well in little girls' rooms, but can certainly work for the grown ups too.

Buy ready made appliqué items from craft stores, or make your own - just make sure to zig-zag stitch around the outside to prevent fraying. Good motifs to use are mini crowns, hearts, butterflies, geometric shapes, bows, clouds, stars, or the initials of the princess. You could also add hair clips in the same way, affixing to the bed curtain with a few stitches around the clip.

For a more grown up feel, add some ribbon to the edges of the curtains, or create mini bows to sew on. To add some sparkles to your bedroom decoration, stick some fake gems from a craft store or unwanted costume jewelry using a hot glue gun.

A simple valance or fabric swags can
make all the difference
Add a Valance or Border
One decorating idea for canopy beds you can use no matter what type of canopy you have, is to add a valance or decorative border along the top of the canopy curtain. You can use either glue, or sew on a border to the top of the curtain in a coordinating color, or even using a different texture such as velvet or satin.

Make it either part of the existing canopy curtain, or else make it separately with curtain heading tape so it hangs nicely over the top of the curtain. Using the second approach also means that you can have the valance permanently fixed over the frame, even when the canopy curtains may be pulled back.

Decorate the Curtain Pole
The curtain pole or bed frame will be exposed for the majority of the day, as your canopy curtains are likely to be pulled back, or at least partially back for most of the time. Take advantage of this space and decorate the canopy bed frame.

The easiest way to do this is with enamel paints - enamel ones are the paints you get in craft shops, usually in small pots. Using any other kind of paint would work initially but enamel paints are hardwearing and shouldn't feel or flake off as curtains are pulled back and forth.

Choose an appropriate design for your bedroom's decor. Even a simple swirl or wavy pattern will make a difference. Keep it subtle by using a color similar to the bed frame, making it look embossed, or go for a coordinating paint color to match the canopy curtains or other bedding.

Further Canopy Decorating Ideas
If the above canopy bed decorating ideas aren't for you, then what about this selection of quick decorative fixes:
A small strip of fabric
adds a decorative edge
  • Add some curtain tie backs or embellish the existing tie-backs.  
  • If you never draw your canopy curtains closed, then why not add some swags or fabric between one corner of the bed and the other - either in the same fabric, a sheer white fabric, or a coordinating color with the existing curtains. Simply knot them onto the frame or sew on some lengths of ribbon to tie around the frame.  
  • Add another curtain over the top in a sheer fabric - use white to soften the look or any other color to create a unique shade and further depth to the canopy.  
  • If your bed curtains are rarely pulled back, then why not push in some fresh or faux flowers into the top ruched section of the canopy curtains.
Even if your canopy bed was expensive, decorating ideas for canopy beds don't have to be. The great thing about these ideas is that they don't have to be permanent either, so if you can't decide between all these great decorating ideas, use one now and then change it again in a few months.
Image credits:
Pink canopy bed - Chris Short/Flickr

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