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Do You Want the Perfect Country Kitchen? It's All About Wallpaper Design

The Question of Color 
When choosing a country kitchen color scheme, there is more scope than you might think, especially when it comes to wallpaper choices. Using wallpaper in a country-style kitchen opens up avenues of combining many different colors together, while still encompassing the country theme.

Traditional country colors are:

When these colors are used with authentic country patterns and designs, you are on the right path to choosing the ideal wallpaper.

Choosing Your Pattern
A big theme when decorating in the country kitchen style is the idea of bringing a taste of the outdoors inside. Floral patterns are heavily used, usually in the form of delicate bunches, wreaths of flowers, or in conjunction with heart patterns. In small areas of the country kitchen though, larger floral patterns on wallpaper can be used, such as over the top of kitchen cabinets.

Although the "bringing the outside inside" theme often includes very natural images of florals, trees, and animals, there is no reason why we can't take that concept a step further. If you live in the West of the US, or want your kitchen to feel like a part of it, then embrace the wild west theme, by using images of cowboys on horses, horseshoes, stirrups, and stars. This not only brings the outside in, but also makes your kitchen authentic and unique. When adopting a certain decorating style, it is easy to fall into the trap of making your room look like everyone else's, so why not take these themes and put your own spin on it.

Of course highly decorated wallpapers can become a little too dominant if used on every wall so either choose a feature wall or two, or split the wall in half. Use the bottom half of the wall to decorate with the decorated wallpaper, a coordinating border in the middle, and a plain, or more subdued coordinating pattern on the top half of the room.

The most popular pattern to be found in any self-respecting country kitchen is gingham. This pattern is usually used in the form of a tablecloth or napkins, or as a small curtain, but utilizing it as a wallpaper pattern is an entirely feasible idea. As before, you need to restrict usage to small areas, or on one half of a wall as using it on a complete wall is likely to produce headaches.

Choose cockerel images to
emulate French Country style
French Country Style
Although French country kitchens tend to rely on color and features as ingredients to make up their decor, there are some patterns that they do use. Some of these images and patterns could quite easily transfer to an American or English kitchen. Along with the checkered pattern of gingham, the most iconic image of a French country kitchen is that of the colorful cockerel/rooster - this looks particularly stunning on a blue or black background. This design of wallpaper may not be easy to get hold of, but you could still use an element of it (picture, painting, printout etc), incorporated into your wallpaper, or maybe even make your own wallpaper border.

Choosing a wallpaper design for your kitchen follows a few rules, but used with your color choice and existing decor, you are sure to have not only an authentic looking country kitchen, but also one that is uniquely yours.

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