Friday, 17 February 2012

Directions for Inexpensive Winter Table Decor

Snow Theme - Create a Winter Wonderland

Just because Santa doesn't need the snow in January, doesn't mean that you can't make use of this icy theme to create a stunning winter wonderland display for your winter theme decor. Decorating ideas in this theme can be frosty and sparkly, or understated and white.

Start with a pure white tablecloth, and a runner down the center that preferably features snow, snowflakes, or stars. Anything that is white and silver will work well, as this is the basic color scheme for this table decorating idea, but ice blue would also work well. Highlights of natural leaf green, or red berries, in small numbers, are also acceptable.

Large white church candles, should be the main features of the table, placed in odd numbers and spaced evenly down the table - you can go right down the center of the runner, or alternate them either side in a zig-zag pattern. Other statement pieces you could use are snow globes, silver cardboard snowflake shapes, or metal snowflake napkin rings or bottle stoppers.

Use a "snow trail" of either white beads, a string of white or silver sequins, or sprinkle diamond vase filler, threading in and out of the candles. Think of a slalom skier on the slopes. Party sprinkles in snowflake shapes can be sprinkled all over the table, as a finishing touch.

Warm & Cozy

When all outside is freezing and frosty, you might want to create a warming retreat for your Winter theme table decor. Use a red or orange tablecloth as a backdrop, and add natural pieces such as berries and nuts. Place small wooden bowls down the center of the table, or in a circle and add red apples, with berries and nuts acting as fillers in the display.

Hurricane lamps on the table give off a warming glow, and create a cozy atmosphere. If you use scented candles inside them, the feel of the room is made even more appealing. Good scents to use are gingerbread, apple, cinnamon, winter forest (pine), and orange. You can take the cinnamon theme further by using cinnamon sticks with string to act as a napkin ring.

For a bit of reduce, reuse, recycle action (a good idea after the financial excess of Christmas), why not reuse your Christmas door wreath as a centerpiece laid flat on the table. Or, you could make one especially; making a fresh cranberry wreath, would be in keeping with the warm and cozy theme.

Back to Nature

For a hybrid of the two themes given above, why not use a nature theme for your winter theme decorated table? Nature is the biggest and best provider of decor items, as well as being free.

Use either a white, or a warm colored tablecloth, and start raiding nature's craft box. An attractive table centerpiece need not be a structured affair; in fact it needn't even utilize a container. Begin piling up pine cones, cedar cones, and berries - joining together with florist's wire if you wish. You can also just use them scattered around the table, or as small arrangements at each place setting.

Using fruit is not only a cheap and natural way to decorate, it can also bring a wonderful aroma to your room, too. Studding oranges with cloves is the ideal way to do this, piling them up in a bowl as a centerpiece, or used as a name card holder for a formal dinner. You can also make frosted fruits by painting fruits like grapes and plums, with egg white and dipping them in caster sugar.

Decorating with branches and twigs is an easy undertaking, and again can make an inexpensive centerpiece. Choose a tall square glass vase, fill it with pebbles or diamond vase filler, and select branches and twigs to put inside. You can dress up the twigs with fake snow, glitter, or even sugar to give a frosted look.

Alternative Ideas for Winter Theme Decor

If you want to shun any connection with the great frosty outdoors, and make certain that you have several winter decorations that are not holiday themed, you can still bring a different kind of warmth and cheer to your table this winter, with these decor ideas:
  • Roses
  • Stars
  • Tea time
  • Polka dots - at the end of the month you could start to incorporate heart shaped bowls or decorations, as a hint that Valentine's Day is on its way.
 Hopefully these ideas will have proven that winter theme table decor, need not be dreary or disheartening; in fact, it is a chance to embrace the joys of winter theme decorating without the pressure of a Christmas holiday.

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