Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Decorate Your Country Porch in Unique Style
Using Color 

The epitome of country porch decorating is the idea of using natural colors and materials that complement the country home. The porches, seen on ranch style home exteriors especially, are painted in muted natural colors of cream, sand, grey, off-white and mushroom shades. To decorate in complementary style to these colors, you can effectively use:
  • Green
  • White
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Muted Blues & Purples
Patterns can of course be used, but stay away from contemporary patterns and stick to country-style flora and fauna prints.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage
Nothing quite sums up a country porch better, than the idea of decorating with a porch swing or a rocking chair. They don't have to be perfect examples either, more rustic looking pieces of furniture fit in perfectly with the relaxed country style. You could even try painting furniture in shabby chic style, to complement the relaxed feel. Porch swings are best sited at the end of a porch so they don't get in the way, and rocking chairs pushed back towards the house so as to avoid a tripping hazard. Small tables should be sited in the same way.

Wicker and natural materials are perfect to use when decorating a country porch, or try using new woven synthetic examples that retain the visual properties of wicker whilst being suitable for all-weathers.

There should be minimal use of soft furnishings such as cushions, but enough to create comfort and a welcoming atmosphere. They should be simple rather than tassel and sequin examples, and ideally stay within the color palette detailed above.

Using Plants
Porch decorating according to the season is a popular trend at the moment, but with country porch style there is no need to chop and change, as the decoration will move on with the seasons naturally, if you have incorporated the idea of plants into your scheme.

These plants can take many forms using hanging baskets, flower pots and planters to, more structured foliage in the form of topiary. Using a small juniper tree variety, is perfect for this. The added advantage of using evergreen foliage (and juniper in particular), is that there will be color on your country porch, no matter what the season.

If you want more color from your plants year round, than just shades of green though, consider plants that produce berries in the colder months and flowers in spring. Or why not cheat and create your own fabric flowers arrangements for true year-round color.

Finishing Touches
If the decorating ideas above still leave you wanting more, then try these ideas for finishing touches to your country-style porch:

Decorating the Door - Wreaths aren't just for Christmas. Create a rustic style door wreath from twigs, branches, berries etc. with minimal use of flowers for a truly welcoming country feel, all year round.

Lighting - You'll enjoy summer evenings on the porch much more if it's well lit. Not only will it prevent trips and falls, it creates a warm and glowing atmosphere. Old-fashioned style lantern electric lights are a popular choice, and miner's lamps that accommodate candles and tealights can add lighting in specific areas.

Using Found Objects - As we've already learned, the decoration of a country porch should convey a relaxed style. Using a watering can as a feature is another idea to utilize a found object into a decorative item to sum up country porch style.

Using American Folk Art Items - Hand-painted wooden shaker boxes and hooked rugs, can also be used to add individual style and comfort, creating more of an outdoor room, than a porch.

Using these country porch decorating ideas will make the porch both a welcoming entrance, and a comfortable place to hang out - not just a place you walk through on the way to the front door.

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